VanquisWalk Tall With Vanquis

UK credit card provider Vanquis has launched a major new ATL campaign designed to demonstrate their purpose – to help customers take control of their finances and improve their financial future.

The “Walk Tall with Vanquis” campaign was created by NOW and directed by Henry Littlechild at MPC Creative.

MPC was tasked with producing both the live-action and VFX for the new campaign. The campaign’s hero is a seemingly ordinary domestic cat, but this Cat can “Walk Tall’ walking on its back legs with a bit of added confidence and swagger.

Before building a photo-realistic creature, NOW and MPC spent a lot of time working out this Cat’s personality, discussing cat types, colouring and fur length combined with an exploration of cultural references to inform the walk and movement of the Cat.

Both the agency and MPC endured hours of swagger walk research (re-watching swaggertastic classics like Saturday fever, reservoir dogs, signing in the rain). The research informed the cat design, the CG modelling stage, and the animation rig needed for the walk. In pre-production, MPC developed a preliminarily walk cycle to assist during production.

On the shoot, MPC used several techniques to assist with the later visual effects process. A cat model stand in was used to help the real actors eye lines. A real cat was captured for in-camera lighting and fur reference. Using a bit of AI, we also projected the catwalk cycle live using an MPC proprietary creature app. The AI Cat assisted the director, client, and agency choose the cat scale, camera angles, and frame composition.

MPC then fully animated, lit and rendered and textured our Cat to be composited during the post-production stages.