As the UK eases out of its third, yes third lockdown, our MPC Creative team in London take a look back at the challenges and triumphs of shooting and producing 21 films over 2020 and 2021.

Over the last 14 months, MPC Creative has directed and produced a time tunnel in space for Lynx, made a feline western for Arm & Hammer, put an elephant in a city for WWF, and moved a man’s record shop with the help of a little blue robot for O2, to name a few.

Shooting hasn’t been easy, but it’s certainly not been impossible. It takes more time and more resource. But the single biggest challenge was helping clients and partners build in enough time to re-shape creative ideas that can be safely shot. No more 100 background extras raving in a dingy club we’re afraid.

More time is required in every part of the process and everything isn’t instant like it used to be. From art dept to casting. The remote process takes longer than a pre-COVID 19 production.

With remote shooting becoming the norm, our experience grew and shooting remotely became second nature and proved no barrier to producing creative excellence. This experience and our network of global offices allowed us to continue successfully shooting safely around the world from the US, Bulgaria, Germany, South Africa, China to Mexico and of course, right here in the UK.

Working closely with all the collaborators involved in a production is crucial, but especially so during lockdown. Being a full-service production division of MPC meant the seamlessness of joined-up live action and visual effects really helped smooth out the workflow and communication, when being on the same page is more important than ever before.

If you want to shoot or post a project (in or out of lockdown) please contact James Niklasson at MPC Creative London.

Or you can contact MPC Creative teams in our other studios:

Morten Vinther in Los Angeles.

Jamie Loudon In Shanghai.