The VFX Festival Virtual Series -The bizarre, yet wonderful world of CG characters | Marcus Dryden, Creative Director/ Head of 2D at MPC

The VFX Festival, hosted by Escape Studios, is a celebration of visual effects, animation, games and motion graphics. For the last seven years the annual festival hosted in London has attracted many attendees and high-profile speakers from award-winning studios.

For the first time in its history the VFX Festival is being divided into a virtual series to support emerging talent from all over the world by allowing professionals to share their insights on award-winning productions and encourage collaboration among the international participants.

On Thursday, 23rd July at 5.30 – 6.30pm (BST) Marcus is hosting a session on The bizarre, yet wonderful world of CG characters

Marcus will demonstrate how to bring stories to life with characters, creatures, cars, environments, and even food, through a range of programmes and new techniques – all with an impressive level of detail to enhance the narrative. Delving into the creative journey of unique, sometimes bizarre, fully CG cars, gravity-defying burgers and even a flying toupee created for Lexus, Postmates and Virgin Australia. Finally, our presenter will share future predictions for VFX and industry tips.

About Marcus Dryden
Marcus has over 20 years’ experience in VFX across the full post-production process from script-bidding, pitch, pre-production, on-set supervision to final delivery. With an infectious passion for the art of Filmmaking and VFX, Marcus loves to collaborate with directors and writers to realize creative concepts, produce innovative solutions within budget and ultimately deliver outstanding VFX for Commercial, Episodic and Feature content. With a number of awards and accolades to his name, Marcus works with the industry’s most awarded directors such as Aoife McArdle, The Bobbsey Twins From Homicides, Tom Tagholm, Toby Dye, Sam Pilling, Jaron Alperton, Mark Jenkinson, and Brett Foraker, combining his expertise with a passion for cinema, comics, visual arts and photography.

When: Thursday, 23rd July, 5:30pm in London

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