To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re championing our incredible women across our global studios who we admire on a daily basis. Throughout March we will be sharing their personal stories, inspirations and career challenges. First up is Lucy Choi, CG Senior Lighter, New York.

Lucy joined MPC in 2018 after working at various post-production houses. At our New York studio Lucy has as collaborated on a wide variety of projects for brands including PlayStation, Dick’s Sporting Goods, Nissan, Nike and Tiffany&Co.

Read Lucy’s Inside MPC (women’s edition) interview below and view her impressive portfolio here.

Can you share your story with us – where did you get your start? How did you get to where you are today and what has your journey been like as a woman in both work and life? 

Since a young age I loved to watch animations and movies, it led me to start my journey. I naturally became interested in art, and I was eager to make animations. To achieve my goal, I studied computer art and started my career within advertising. At the beginning of my career, I was so passionate, and I only focused on working and learned many new things and began to struggle balancing work and my personal life. However, now, with my many experiences within the industry, I have learnt to keep pace with work and life.

How has your industry changed culturally since you started your career? What support / knowledge / collaboration within the industry would help to make positive change?

When I first started this career, my co-workers used to tell me that it’s not easy for a married woman to work in CG, a male-dominated industry. Of course, working hours may be long depending on the project, but compared to 10 years ago, it’s much better. Also, the development of new software and technologies have helped improve timescales.

If there’s a new team member, they can learn faster in collaborative teams. Workplace collaboration helps create an environment where employees feel valued for their skills as well as their input.

The theme of this month is ‘Women in Leadership’ what women in leadership inspire you? And who in your life are you being inspirational for?

There are so many influential women in the world, but Audrey Hepburn is the first person that comes into my mind. I was touched by her excellent leadership for UNICEF and caring for children. I also want to be an inspiration and a good influence on my child, who spends the most time with me.

If you could go back, what one piece of advice would you give to your younger self? 

I would tell my younger self not to be afraid and not be afraid of challenges. Although it seems to be conventional, I want to tell myself not to be fearful of failure.

What challenges do you see for equality in society today? 

Women in the United States who are caregivers for children, parents, spouses, siblings or extended family members have two full-time jobs while trying to compete with men who have one. And over half of us are the primary breadwinners in our households.

What have been some of biggest struggles and triumphs as a woman in business?

I haven’t had many struggles working in VFX industry lately, it’s been great to be a balanced woman in business so far. But after the pandemic happened, working at home with kid 24/7 put me in a difficult situation. It is hard to balance both family life and my job, but I’ve realized it is not just for me, it is for everybody. I hope we can go back to our daily routines soon.

Describe the 3 characteristics about yourself that you believe led to your success in business.

Never stop learning, seeking feedback and make time to learn. In order to develop and grow, I continuously learn and improve while still believing in my ability. Above all, I’m enjoying my work, furthermore, proud and passionate about it.

How does your work positively impact women of New York and/or women of the world?

When I was younger, I dreamed about working in VFX industry. Currently, my job is to combine technical skill and artistic aspects to provide directions. As a CG artist I hope to inspire young women in the industry, and make VFX more approachable and desirable to them.

Can you tell us about previous projects you’ve worked on and link to your work?

I participated in variety projects at MPC, mostly worked on look-dev and lighting. The most memorable project I recently participated in was Dick’s Sporting Goods about presents making its journey to a boy. It’s most memorable because all the team members shared each part and collaborated.

What woman has positively impacted/inspired you in your career, and what’s one lesson she taught you?

There were only 3 or 4 female students in my computer art class and one of the female students influenced me the most. She was always positive and challenging in pursuing new things and learning. The lessons I learned from her were to the best you can and never stop learning. Also, I remember that she told me to have a positive mindset.

What’s something interesting you’re currently working on? Personal or professional.

I am always interested in creating new looks, so I enjoy looking for new artwork, pictures and illustrations. Coloring the grey world and creating a living world fascinating to me.