We have taken time to reflect on how we as a company can help in the fight against racism, injustice and inequality. We recognise that diversity and inclusion are real issues in our industry and MPC Advertising is committed to listening and learning to drive change.

We don’t have all the answers and we acknowledge that there is a lot of work to be done, but we commit to making this a priority for our business, our employees, our clients and the industry at large. Awareness and action in diversity, equality and inclusion is a permanent and meaningful focus for our culture and company now and as we move forward.

See MPC Advertising Pledge on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion here.

How MPC is continuing to work during the Coronavirus shutdown

MPC has developed a raft of business continuity solutions which can be implemented during times of natural disaster or global crisis. Our objective is to enable business continuity or assist client contingency plans to be delivered whilst minimising disruption for our clients and utilising the MPC follow the sun model.

Proprietary cloud based technical and creative solutions can be harnessed by our artist teams to deliver via remote working and our network of virtual outposts will be available for clients.

This empowers our personnel across our studios in London, New York, Los Angeles, Paris, Amsterdam, Bangalore and Shanghai to work with agility and deliver to deadlines efficiently, effectively and securely.

The business continuity plans enable client and studio communication, production and viewing to be delivered remotely if need be whilst being part of the Technicolor family allows MPC to access a wide resource of scalable technology and infrastructure if required. MPC infrastructure, policies, expertise, scale and experience allows business as usual utilising our award winning CG / VFX / green screen techniques.

Safety of MPC staff and our clients is a priority and we work in the line with WHO and local government guidelines.

Should you have any questions please feel free to contact us here.

MPC Studios and Remote Locations


Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, Lisbon, London, Milan, Paris, Portugal, Prague, Oslo, Stockholm, Zurich


Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Richmond, San Francisco

Asia / India

Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, Bangalore

MPC stands against discrimination of any kind. As a creative community we need to recognise the time we are living in and decide the role we can play in re-shaping a better future. We have been taking time to listen to our staff, clients and partners and are reviewing our policies relating to diversity & inclusion.

This document is to share some of the answers to what MPC Advertising is doing to support Black Lives Matter and share some of the answers to questions relating to the COVID-pandemic.

What is MPC Advertising doing in the help against racism, injustice and inequality?

Each Studio will establish a D+E+I taskforce to move the pledge below into action so a material difference is achieved.

MPC Advertising pledge:

– Review the diversity, equality and inclusion at MPC Advertising and in our workforce in an effort that the makeup of our teams will better represent our communities.

– Engage in supporting community efforts focused on outreach, education and fundraising.

– Promote forums and invite a diverse range of speakers so we can listen and learn from each other.

– Focus on the Advertising sector and determine how we can be a voice for change.

MPC Advertising Business Continuity FAQ’s (As of August 17, 2020)

MPC recognises that the COVID-pandemic has raised many questions. This document is to share some of the answers to these questions as of August 17th 2020.

What are MPC’s business continuity principles?

The safeguarding of our staff and clients through safe working practices in accordance with local health expert, government guidance and Technicolor principles, whilst prioritising the delivery of our clients’ projects in progress. Enabling business continuity for all future projects including remote working.

Is MPC open for business?

Yes. MPC is open for business and we are experienced in delivering projects remotely.

Are all of MPC studios open for business?

All seven of our studios; London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris, Amsterdam, Bangalore, Shanghai are all open for business. As of now, our Shanghai studio has reopened the physical studio with all other global studios currently working remotely. Our goal is to keep running our businesses and studios uninterrupted and as smoothly as possible, however, this is a quickly evolving and unprecedented situation.  As a result, as matters develop, we continue to further evaluate available contingencies on a studio by studio and project by project basis.

What are MPC’s remote working plans?

Globally, we are working remotely from home securely and efficiently utilising MPC Studio servers linking to our proprietary SohoNet cloud-based technologies. Our remote capabilities have been in place for many years and are tried and tested.

What impact do you anticipate with remote working?

Understandably utilisation of remote approvals, feedback and conferencing means that ways of working can be challenging at times, but we have already completed projects with remote working and remote client approvals. This status applies to all MPC studios globally. Our technology teams are supporting colleagues on a daily basis. As trusted partners, we’ll work closely in trying to mitigate any disruptions caused by this event.

What do you believe will be the situation moving forward?

As part of MPC’s business continuity planning, our global crisis management team is meeting regularly to gather credible information on the rapidly changing situation. We will continue to closely monitor the situation, including updates from the CDC, WHO and local equivalents and will respond quickly based on their advice and recommendations as well as any national or local government regulations.

Will MPC be able to deliver full CG capabilities remotely?

Yes. We may find that COVID-19 impacts the timescales agreed in good faith. We will work promptly keep you updated on any effects to your project.

How will MPC deliver colour and finishing?

MPC Shanghai studio is open and Base Light within that studio is available. This means that our Shanghai colourists are now safely back in the physical studio per local government guidance. Meanwhile we have a global colourist set up which uses Baselight remotely in both the US and Europe. These capabilities will ensure the highest end grading remains in place for our clients.

Finishing, like all other VFX capabilities, is completely up and running through our remote working set ups or Shanghai studio.

Where are MPC’s colour and finishing capabilities located?

London, Dublin, Paris, Milan, Amsterdam, Berlin, Hamburg, Oslo, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Lisbon, Prague, Zurich, Austin, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Los Angeles, New York, San Francisco, Minneapolis, Tokyo, Shanghai.

How is security handled with remote working?

Just to be clear, when we are working remotely, no data leaves our secure MPC Studio servers, just the pixels on the screens that our artists and creatives work with. MPC staff are contractually obliged to meet MPC security protocols. Meanwhile Technicolor security requirements have been reiterated in March 2020 to all staff.

Can any client materials be downloaded remotely?

Client material cannot be downloaded remotely. All work is held within MPC’s normal secure network studio servers and utilises MPC’s cloud-based technology to connect remotely with artists.

Do you have work processes for clients when working remotely?

Yes. We have detailed processes which can be shared pending project brief. These include studio and remote working capabilities. We also have the agility to work as per client needs or security requirements. Client collaboration, reviews and approvals continue to be provided securely and remotely and provide efficient and effective services through our network of studios (7 MPC studios, 33, virtual outpost studios) and online reviewing capabilities. This includes ClearView Flex for real-time and remote collaboration for colour or finishing.

Do we anticipate certain studios might be more available than other studios?

Yes. At any point in time, we will be able to provide clarity on our capacity to do work, and potential studio locations.  We anticipate leveraging our significant global creative and production network (‘follow the sun model’) if possible, to enable us to provide capacity as required.

What is the contingency plan if a lead artist or crew is unavailable?

MPC is fortunate to have a roster of hundreds of artists and experts. Our award-winning talent is experienced in working with one another and collaborating across studios. If one particular individual is unavailable, we will reallocate work safely and securely to another suitably qualified team.

What evidence do you have to efficient and effective remote working during Covid-19 pandemic?

During Q1 2020 Covid-19 pandemic our Shanghai Studio operated within health expert and government guidance which included the quarantine of all staff. We are proud to report that all projects were delivered to deadline. All MPC staff worked remotely voluntarily and no staff contracted the virus. Our office remained open ‘remotely’ if not physically. Our Shanghai Studio is now safely back in our physical space per the local government guidance.

Will the MPC rate card change during moments of crisis?

MPC has no intention to increase rate card as it stands. There may be additional expenses arising from the impact of Covid-19. Quotes during Covid-19 pandemic will include remote streaming and viewing as required but will be on a case by case basis as agreed.

How will quote costs be impacted?

MPC will work to promptly provide clients with updates regarding any necessary changes to Quotes to cover additional expenses arising from the impact of COVID-19. During this time our quotes can include remote streaming and viewing as required and agreed for each project.

MPC screening personnel and crew prior to Live Action booking or shoot?

MPC follows local legal guidance with regards to screening. This may mean certain screening protocols are unlawful. MPC will continue to request all staff, personnel and crew to meet local government authority and health expert recommendations. This will vary due to location and time although at this moment Live Action shoots are severely limited globally due to WHO and local government guidance.

Have you decreased the number of personnel within MPC studios?

Yes. Currently all of our Studios are now working remotely aside from Shanghai that is now safely and securely back in the physical studio.

How are you safeguarding MPC colleagues and clients within your studios?

MPC has undertaken a number of initiatives to safeguard our colleagues and clients whilst enabling business continuity. All of our Studios are now working remotely, aside from Shanghai that is now safely and securely back in the physical studio.

When we are back in MPC’s physical studios, we will continue to monitor hospitality, food and catering services to meet Technicolor and local health expert guidelines. We will continue to deliver intensive deep cleans, cleaning of high traffic areas where studios are open e.g. bathrooms and provide hand sanitiser and wipes. We will continue educating our employees (including clear signage) on the steps they should be taking to keep themselves safe and healthy.

Where are all the MPC virtual outpost studios?

Europe: Amsterdam, Barcelona, Berlin, Copenhagen, Dublin, Hamburg, Lisbon, London, Milan, Paris, Portugal, Prague. Oslo, Stockholm, Zurich

US: Atlanta, Austin, Boston, Boulder, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Detroit, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Minneapolis, New York, Richmond, San Francisco

Asia: Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo

India: Bangalore

Who do I contact if I have any further questions?

Please contact the following MPC Studio MD’s for clarification if required:

MPC Global CEO – Mark Benson

MPC London / Amsterdam  – Jonathan Davies

MPC Los Angeles – Robert Owens

MPC New York – Angela Lupo

Mikros MPC Paris – Fabrice Damolini

MPC Shanghai – Lily Li

MPC Bangalore – Santosh Gunaseelan

MPC Global Growth & Marketing – Usama Al-Qassab