Take a look behind the scenes of how we brought O2’s loveable brand mascot ‘Bubl’ to life, created in collaboration with VCCP and Gary Freedman.

O2’s new positioning last year was a return to the brands roots; a business that’s obsessed with putting customers’ first, building on its industry leading levels of customer loyalty through a completely new creative direction with the introduction of Bubl; a loyal, blue, bubble-making, robot.

The team at MPC were tasked to create Bubl, through character concepts, modelling and sculpting. It was essential to get Bubl’s personality and expression correct without facial expressivity to enable the audience to understand Bubl’s charming character and near human emotions by watching body performance mime and eye and bubble expressions range. To increase awareness that Bubl is always by your side MPC worked with VCCP and O2 to create a branded TikTok dance challenge, which went viral and received over 1 billion views.

Silvia Bartoli, Concept Artist, at MPC shares exclusive BTS assets that show the evolution of Bubl’s character from a sketch to concept to final asset:

Gianluca Fratellini, Animation Supervisor, talks about bringing Bubl’s personality to life through animation: “We needed to create empathy with our live action characters… we focused on Bubl’s body language and in particular eye movement. We integrated the MPC cinematic and advertising experience so that it was obvious to understand when Bubl is sad, excited, thinking and working hard.”

Previous outings for Bubl, O2, MPC, VCCP and Gary Freedman include ‘You and Me’Christmas Bubl’ and most recently, ‘Don’t Miss Out’.

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