O2, Be More Dog

  • Agency VCCP;
  • Production Company Caviar;
  • Director Keith Schofield;

MPC and VCCP create a hybrid cat-dog for O2 TV campaign and online game assets

This cat is like no other - he chases frisbees, digs holes and leaps into ponds. MPC worked with director Keith Schofield and VCCP on the spot, which features a lethargic cat who begins to live the life of a dog, to promote O2’s new ‘Be More Dog’ campaign.

Keith said, "I had a great experience working with MPC on my O2 job. They were constantly looking for creative solutions, rather than dictating what could or couldn't be done. I was ecstatic about the end results. The fact that people are asking "how did they do that?" is a testament to MPC's amazing skills." 

In addition to the 60” live action TV spot, MPC’s 3D department created twelve different cat animation assets as part of O2’s biggest social media drive to date. An online HTML5 game allows smartphone users to interact with the cat on their computer screens.

Play the game here.

MPC’s 3D department, led by Fabian Frank, created a 3D cat model using Maya, replicating the cat-dog used in the TV commercial.

Once the design of the cat was approved, the team spent three weeks applying fur dynamics using MPC’s proprietary software, Furtility to recreate the technically challenging longer fur within 3D.

Twelve different cat animations were created, averaging 4-5 seconds each, including the cat catching a frisbee, chasing his tail and idling. The team created the clips as loops, which were then randomized.

Fabian said, “The brief was to create a photo-real cat, within the minimalist design of the living room. We shot the couch and other elements within the room, then composited the plates together with the 3D cat using Nuke."


  • Agency VCCP
  • Production Company Caviar
  • Director Keith Schofield
  • Agency Producer Catherine Long
  • Copywriters Ben Daly and Nathaniel White
  • Producer Shirley O’Connor
  • Editor Patrick Ryan @ Marshall Street Editors
  • VFX Producer Julie Evans
  • VFX Supervisor Bevis Jones
  • Line Producer Russell Forde
  • 3D Supervisor Fabian Frank
  • VFX Team Graeme Eglin, Christopher Antoniou, David Bryan, Eduardo Castells, Emanuele Pescatori, Mark Robinson, Natalie Homewood, Tim Van Hussen, Chiara Antelmi, Alberto Della Regina
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist George K

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