The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

  • Director Ben Stiller;
  • Studio Twentieth Century Fox;
  • VFX Supervisor Guillaume Rocheron;

MPC DFX Supervisor Mo Sobhy and Producer Philip Greenlow worked closely with Overall VFX Supervisor Guillaume Rocheron, leading the team whose main area of work was the New York board chase sequence. MPC were brought in toward the final stages of postproduction working on a tight schedule to produce the action packed shots.

As Walter and Ted board through the city streets, they churn up the road as they battle. The aim for MPC’s team was to make the road surface appear as if it had the properties of water and created a wake as they board through it. The movement of the concrete pieces rupturing and colliding and the sparks and dust elements in the destruction were created by MPC’s FX team using their destruction proprietary software ‘Kali’.  

MPC also created digital doubles built from scans of the actors. Full body digi doubles were used for the more difficult stunts including the shots where Walter uses an umbrella as ski sticks to battle Ted, and parts of the models were also used in shots where the character’s feet and legs interact with the snowboard and rupturing trenches.  

MPC’s team brought to life the rubber toy Stretch Armstrong which Walter and Ted chase through the streets. The work included creating Stretch’s facial movements and excessive stretching which the costume built production model was unable to achieve.

MPC also created 2D environment extensions for the city streets and skyscrapers.

The Secret Life of Walter MItty is out in theatres from 26th December 2013.

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  • Director Ben Stiller
  • Studio Twentieth Century Fox
  • VFX Supervisor Guillaume Rocheron

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