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Tom McCullough

Tom McCullough, Creative Director, Finishing, joined the New York studio in 2019. Along with two decades of experience in feature films, commercials and episodic work, his expert creative direction and set supervision help to bring our clients’ visions to life from start to finish. 

During his career, he has worked on campaigns for numerous global brands including Microsoft, Louis Vuitton, BMW, Best Buy, American Express and Coca-Cola, as well as music videos for artists such as Kanye West and Lil’ Kim. His experience also spans into features and episodics, lending his expertise to projects including Marvel’s The Defenders, HBO’s The Wire, and Sex and the City. Tom spent several years working closely with director Fabien Baron on his work for Calvin Klein as well as campaigns for NARS, Gucci and Chloe.

Working at renowned creative studios on the East Coast, Tom helped create the Beauty and Finishing department for a major studio in New York. Here at the MPC studio, he leads the esteemed Finishing team with his expert creative direction and set supervision to help to bring the boldest of ideas to fruition.

Tom’s strong experience in the industry has made him extremely skilled in many types of software including Flame, Maya, Nuke and After Effects. With his deep creative problem-solving abilities, keen eye and remarkable versatility, he excels across the gamut of finishing, beauty and VFX work, delivering stunning results in every arena.