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Morten Vinther

Morten Vinther has worn many different hats in the industry, including VFX artist, designer and director. He has worked with directors such as Derek Cianfrance, Martin Krejci, A.G. Rojas, Traktor and Dante Ariola on commercials for top brands including Nike, Samsung, Adidas, Netflix,, Smirnoff and Heineken.

Originally from Denmark, his comprehensive artist experience has seen him managing, leading and recruiting high-end VFX teams from Copenhagen to Edinburgh, London, Dublin and even Sydney. He was Head of 2D at Glassworks in Amsterdam, before landing at MPC’s LA studio as Head of 2D in 2017. Since then, he has quickly proved himself to be a true leader, becoming a Creative Director in 2018.

From an early age, Morten was drawn into advertising by his passion for short-form visual storytelling and quickly grew into an accomplished artist. His extensive portfolio bridges visual effects, design and animation for commercials, TV and film. His eye for compositing, creative problem-solving and design skills have made him an ideal co-creator and collaborator and he is always in high demand from the global advertising industry’s top clients and agencies.

Work includes Apple ‘Unlock’ directed by Dougal Wilson, Adidas ‘Creators’ directed by Stacy Wall, PlayStation ‘Descent’ directed by Henry Hobson and FX Networks’ promo campaign for American Horror Story.