Arm & HammerOnce Upon A Time


When Arm & Hammer wanted to showcase its AbsorbX kitty litter made from desert dry minerals, they needed a spot that demonstrated its benefits in a fun and memorable way and highlighted the product’s origins – the desert. The spot, directed by MPC’s Michael Gregory, features a host of photoreal cat cowboys and cowgirls congregating in a desert saloon.

Gregory commented, “Doing everything remotely was a whole new experience for me as a director. From casting and wardrobe to SFX, tech scouts and callbacks on Zoom – it all took a little getting used to at first, but we quickly adapted and made it work.”

The shoot took place in an existing two-story saloon bar in Bulgaria with a limited crew and Gregory directing remotely. “We were able to work with a scan of the location prior to the shoot, which enabled us to do an extremely accurate pre-vis, and we had the Arri camera and Cooke lenses on the location scout which was a huge help in blocking out the action and working out the framing prior to the shoot.”

In addition to the production, MPC remotely handled the animation and VFX, led by Animation Lead David Bryan, 2D Lead Vanessa Duquesnay and VFX Supervisor Kiril Mirkov. MPC’s Ricky Gausis graded the campaign, enhancing the western feel to the footage and the set.