CartierChristmas 2020


For its 2020 Christmas collection, the French luxury house Cartier has gathered swoon-worthy jewelry, watches and refined everyday objects with flawless design details and timeless elegance. To show the exquisite details of this dream gift list, Cartier designed a digital campaign to match its reputation. The challenge was entrusted to Publicis Luxe, which created a team of partners which include Lambert Lambert production, Akatre directors and Mikros MPC.

As Stephanie Mollet, VFX Producer at Mikros MPC, details:

“This project is unique as it is composed of a series of films. For the jewelry and watches, we developed 10 distinctive spots which focus upon one specific item. For the Maison collection, we also developed 5 icons which can represent several items in a short but complex animation. Additionally, we worked on three greeting films for Europe and four capsule spots dedicated for the Chinese New Year. Each spot was then tailored to four different formats to suit web and social media requirements. In the end, the full project represented 88 spots in total. It was an exciting endurance race to complete it!”

In this campaign, Cartier’s iconic panther plays a key role in unleashing the unique Christmas spirit of the luxury brand. Joyful and festive, the panther subtly plays with the creations and under the touch of its paw or muzzle, jewels, watches and objects playfully animate themselves to life and show themselves under various angles in hypnotic choreographies.

Michael Moercant, VFX Supervisor, explains:

“This campaign complexity was a creative challenge. We needed to draw the attention to all the items within the 2020 collection and highlight their uniqueness. Meanwhile we also needed to integrate the Cartier panther so that the viewer could instinctively recognize the brand and balance its presence in the frame and its interactivity with the products, so that everything remains subtle. The core of the challenge was to create the perfect animation of all objects as they softly fall or are thrown to the air and make them land in what appears to be a perfect balancing act. Our previz work proved absolutely necessary to finetune or redefine the upstream creative approach from the initial storyboards and ensure that the initial framing would fit all the formats.”

Mikros MPC teams began to work on the project in June and were given product and print references to create the great number of assets in CG. A “tour de force” on its own to render the details of the delicate details of the items and match with the level of expectations of Cartier. To bring the final touch, the lighting needed to be perfectly calibrated; with the uncluttered sets and white background, the artists paid attention to maintain the original purity.

“The artistry of this project resided in the fine detail and sheer quantity of items and executions ensuring holisticity in look, feel and character of the campaign. I’m so grateful to the whole Mikros MPC team. We wouldn’t achieve this level of quality without the continuous exchange between the 3D studio and the motion design team and I believe it is a real strength of our studio in Paris to have multi-faceted artists that combine their skills over projects. Each of us brings a mark on the project,” concludes Guillaume Dadaglio, CG Supervisor.

Lately, the campaign for Chinese New Year 2021 has been released. View the dedicated spots below: