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Duncan Russell

Duncan Russell joined MPC in May 2019. With over 20 years grading experience, his love affair with the visual arts is lifelong and heartfelt.
Starting his career in the film lab, Duncan learned how to treat film as a physical medium before getting near a telecine. His self-taught dark room skills made grading a natural progression and he swiftly progressed from archive transfer to long form drama with legendary documentary strands Equinox, Arena and This World.  From commercials, features, long form drama, fashion, and music videos to lovingly remastering classic movies, his passion for the moving image knows no boundaries.

Duncan has worked with renowned names including Darius Khondji, David Lachapelle, Ivan Bird, Noah Harris, and Nadav Kander. He has graded commercials for Volkswagen, H&M, Nike, Adidas, Samsung and Jaguar and his music video credits include Kanye West, Madonna, Coldplay, Nicki Minaj and Alt-J.
Along the way Duncan found himself remastering Citizen Kane, and then went on a brief run of restorations, completing projects on The Third Man, Mean Streets, The Man Who Fell to Earth, El Cid and The Browning Version. More recently he placed 4th in the Televisual poll of UK based operators.