SF MotorsLaunch Films

SF Motors partners with MPC to create unique films to launch their electric cars

MPC worked directly with SF Motors to launch their brand campaign, showcasing the family of cars, the technology behind them, and the company’s introduction into the US market. The films were featured at the large-scale launch event, which took place at SF Motors’ newly appointed headquarters in San Jose.

Each film was spearheaded by a different Creative Director at MPC: Marc Smith directed the brand film which explored the overall company mission, Andrei Juradowitch directed the technology film which showcased the state-of-the-art tech features of the car, and Alan Bibby directed the product film, which acted as the car’s big reveal.

Brand Film

The film centered around emotional, visual storytelling, focusing on the company’s mission to define the future of automated vehicles and to re-invent the way people travel, using metaphors to portray the adventure, performance, safety, sustainability and family elements of the brand – an Olympic hurdler jumping hurdles; cave dwellers exploring their surroundings; a father and his two children camping.

Technology Film

The technology film was shot in a hanger-like space in Jersey City, showcasing the impressive technology against an abstract, design backdrop. The innovative technology of SF Motors’ family of cars speaks for itself: it features machine learning technology to make advanced intelligent driving, as well as a protective autonomy technology that actively keeps people and roads safer.

Product Film

The final film revealed the next-generation EV car in full. It was shot over three days along the hills and coastline of Monterey, using a mule car that was built specifically to be replaced. The film tells a story of a mother driving home to her family through the stunning Californian scenery. It shows the car in a dramatic, epic fashion and infuses the human reasons for why people choose to drive and go places.