DuracellDon’t Forget The Duracell This Christmas


Since 2012, Mikros MPC has forged a strong relationship with Duracell, and the creative agencies selected by them, to develop and deploy the campaigns in the 43 countries where the brand is present. First introduced in 1973, the Bunny is the corporate identity of Duracell and as such, benefits from specific visual guidelines. Over time, Mikros MPC has gained the specific role of guardian of Bunny’s visual identity, ensuring the consistency and integrity to the brand image on the various distribution media worldwide, be it TV, digital, social media or print. At this point, Mikros MPC has produced over 200 prints and 100 movies.

The 2016 movie “Don’t Forget the Duracell this Christmas” was a turning point in the creative approach to Duracell as the team at Mikros MPC made its first in-house creative proposal in a short film, with the famous bunny capable of expressing emotions, moving away from the strict visual formula established by the brand.

For this project, Geoffroy Barbet-Massin, Creative Director at Mikros MPC, developed a whole new film, and provided a new set design and a new animation direction that reflected a new vision of Bunny – brought to life thanks to the Mikros MPC’s great expertise in CG animation .

« The success of a good movie relies in a good script. At first reading, I felt that this movie would lead us off the beaten tracks, as there was a unique opportunity to bring the Bunny out of its commoditized genre. We made it express its personality and its feelings – still unstoppable, its acts as a secret agent on a mission that takes him to heart. And we made it act panicking at the idea of failing his mission, shaking and doubting. We even added a pinch of suspense through a split screen. To serve the dramatic intent, we went through creative investigation to design the characters and the settings. Santa needed to be in great shape to impose a challenging pace in the distribution of the gifts. And obviously a charming little girl that anyone could relate to. And all this adventure needed to take place in a environment that conveys a spirit of Christmas and we had a great inspiration with our direct surroundings of Paris,” said Geoffroy Barbet-Massin.

With the strong relationship built over years and the submission of new ideas, Mikros MPC has further developed as a true creative partner to Duracell and to the creative agencies. A team of various artists develop original ideas, design updates and tools, to bring the Duracell bunny to life, at the same quality level of a feature animation film, and engage the audience with the brand by igniting an emotional connection.

Two years later, Grey London has turned this short film into an advertisement for the launch of a new campaign.