Capital OneHistorical Moments

MPC teams up with DDB Chicago to recreate Capital One’s Historical Moments

What if the Louisiana Purchase was made through an app? Or if Mona Lisa lost her wallet? Capital One looked back on historical moments and put the credit card at the center of the stories in these humorous spots which are from DDB Chicago and directed by Smuggler’s Tom Hooper, who is known for films such as Les Misérables and The King’s Speech.

Mona Lisa

MPC handled VFX for both spots, including interior set extensions and adding Da Vinci’s flying machine in CG for the Mona Lisa film. Michael Gregory, MPC’s Creative Director, said:

“Post-production allowed us to achieve authenticity in these spots. For the opening shot for ‘Mona Lisa’, we had a local Italian stills photographer visit the Ponte Vecchio bridge to get framing, lighting and texture reference. This dictated the framing for the live action shoot and formed the base for the matte painting.”

Louisiana Purchase