Superbowl 2018

MPC has impressive showing at Super Bowl LII

MPC had a great run at the Super Bowl this year, with many amazing spots aired during the game, including Diet Coke’s quirky ad for their recent rebrand, Sprint’s futuristic spot featuring an AI robot and an inspiring spot for Toyota’s ‘Start your Impossible’ campaign featuring Paralympian Lauren Woolstencroft.

Sprint, Evelyn

MPC partnered with MJZ’s Nick Ball on “Evelyn”, a funny, futuristic-style ad from Droga5 for Sprint, which aired during the Super Bowl.  The spot features a technologically advanced AI robot called Evelyn and is set in a high-tech laboratory experiment, during which she and the other robots poke fun at the lab doctor for not choosing Sprint as their service provider.

A lot of VFX work was done to make Evelyn life-like, including adding eye blinks and realistic human expressions to her face, so she was truly brought to life by
MPC.Warren Paleos, VFX Supervisor, said: “The team at Droga5 is always an absolute pleasure to work with. From the first call with Nick Ball the director I knew this was going to be an epic commercial. All of the teams made the process as smooth as I could hope for. I’ve never been more proud of a job I’ve worked on.”

Diet Coke, Groove

Diet Coke’s latest “Because I Can” spot by Anomaly, aired during the Super Bowl on Sunday, in what is their first spot in the game in 21 years.  ‘Groove’ is directed by the talented Paul Feig, with VFX by MPC and color by MPC’s Mark Gethin. It deviates from using the usual big-name celebrities and features up-and-coming actress Haley Magnus, who dances around and enjoys a Diet Coke, just “because I can”.
The brand has recently unveiled a new look; it’s first rebrand in 35 years. It has slimmed down its can, refreshed its logo and added some new flavors to the mix, including “twisted mango” and “feisty cherry”.

Claus Hansen, MPC’s creative director for the spot, emphasizes the importance of making the new branding really pop, saying: “one of our main priorities was to perfect the product, making it look appealing without actually showing what’s inside. It was all about beautifying the can.”

Toyota, Mobility for All

Toyota aired a spot during the Super Bowl called ‘Mobility for All’ – a 30-second version of the original ad that kicked off their Olympics and Paralympics sponsorship back in October.

The spot from Saatchi & Saatchi, directed by John Hillcoat with color by MPC’s Mark Gethin, features people aged between 1 – 100 in all different physical conditions taking part in various sport activities and combines them with Toyota’s incredible mobility technologies such as a the mobility chair and the ‘human support robot’.

Toyota, Good Odds

Toyota’s ‘Good Odds’ spot from Saatchi & Saatchi also aired for the first time during the Super Bowl, as part of the build up to Paralympics.
The inspirational spot, directed by Somesuch’s sought-after Aoife McCardle with VFX by MPC and color by Mark Gethin, was created to build up excitement about the Paralympics in February.

It is part of the ‘Start your Impossible’ campaign; a global initiative that aims to create a more inclusive society where everyone can challenge their own impossible.  The film features Paralympic Winter Games’ ‘Golden Girl’ Lauren Woolstencroft and her incredible story of how she overcame huge odds to become one of the best skiers in the world, winning eight gold medals at the Paralympics.

An epic journey, captured beautifully.

Squarespace, ‘Squarespace X Keanu’

Mikros-MPC partners with Jonathan Glazer and Squarespace on “Squarespace x Keanu” starring Keanu Reeves  Continuing with its tradition of delivering witty Super Bowl ads, the spot, directed by Jonathan Glazer, features the actor ‘surfing’ on his motorbike at 100mph.

Mikros-MPC VFX Supervisor Stéphane Allender says, “The piece has a strong, simple visual identity and that really resonated with us. We had some big technical challenges to overcome; it’s always satisfying to help the director translate his vision to screen. I feel incredibly proud when we do that successfully.” VFX work included removing the camera truck and the rig that Keanu and his bike were attached to, background replacements, CG birds and smoke.

Rochester Regional Health, Next is Now

MPC Creative’s Andrei Juradowitch helms a poetic, emotional campaign for Rochester Regional Health, premiering locally during the Super Bowl 2018.   Looking to tell a story of humanity, texture and emotion that rings true, Juradowitch shot at Rochester’s state of the art facilities, and featured actual heroes – doctors, nurses and surgeons – as they went about their tasks of saving lives.

Capturing intimate portraits of patients and combining them with elegant, sophisticated imagery and graphics that show the technological breakthroughs and pioneering equipment of RRH, the campaign ‘Next is Now’ brings a human touch and optimistic vision.