HennessyCrafted Light

MPC partners directly with Hennessy on unique installation at Harrods

Hennessy partnered with MPC to create a one-off installation, which is a stunning and unique modern take on a long-standing optical illusion. The piece was on display in Harrods as part of the iconic store’s ‘Cover to Cover’ theme for the autumn. Titled ‘Crafted Light’, it was designed to celebrate Hennessy’s heritage of innovation and craftsmanship, displaying visual content which brings to mind the very essence of the cognac itself through golden hues and abstract fluid motion graphics.

Mary Rochester Gearing, Senior Brand Manager, Hennessy UK said: “Hennessy has been at the forefront of innovation in the Cognac category for 250 years. Given the importance of this year, we wanted to create a visionary piece to capture the essence of Hennessy and that embodies the philosophy of crafting the future.” She added, “Harrods provides the perfect space to display the installation.”

An additional 3-dimensional twist was added to the installation to create animations visible in 360 degrees, with palpable volume and depth. The image on the screens appeared to float in space through the holographic effect of the spinning screens.

The golden light refraction of the cognac through the bottom of the snifter glass evokes a sense of rich luxury, so to recreate that effect digitally, the team went through mechanical R&D and motion design exploration using a modern “persistence of vision” technique. Through three abstract animations, they were able to convey Hennessy’s timeless qualities and traditions, creating an experience that reflects the brand’s premium values.

The Crafted Light installation was based on Full Turn, an installation designed by Benjamin Muzzin for his 2013 diploma project at ECAL/University of Art and Design, Lausanne.