MPC have provided breathtaking VFX for mobile network Telia Company, in their latest action-packed spot airing in Sweden.

Teaming up with Director Adam Berg and DOP Jakob Ihré, MPC utilized its global force across multiple studios to deliver the spot within a challenging timeframe.

VFX Supervisor Alex Lovejoy described some of the work involved:

“A lot of CG work was required to bring the spot to life with our artists creating elements such as clouds, arrows, floating rocks and full digital environments. We utilized matte painting and made subtle enhancements to the forest scenes, adding more mist to add extra atmosphere to area’s where it wasn’t possible to achieve this in camera”.

MPC was heavily involved in the creative decisions regarding the scene’s with the ball of light which radiates energy and gradually becomes bigger lifting the hero characters up to the sky. The MPC team came up with a series of idea’s of how this should look, developing different sizes of ball, lenses flairs etc..

On working with the director, Alex said:

“Adam really embraced the collaborative nature of the project and was open to our recommendations. It was great to be given free reign to develop looks for these dramatic environments. We had great fun working with him”.