EurostarYou See More When You Don’t Fly


MPC has partnered with director Patrick Daughters and Engine on Eurostar’s ‘You see more when you don’t fly’ ad that aims to promote travel between London, France, Belgium and Netherlands.

On developing the Ostrich, VFX Supervisor, Alex Snookes said:

“Working on this project required a lot of meticulous planning and MPC’s involvement right from the very start. MPC worked closely with Patrick Daughters, David Dearlove and Richard Nott to offer our creative input, making sure the VFX was applied in the best possible way. The biggest challenge was bringing Patrick’s vision of the ostrich to life and giving it a fun and engaging character. Overall, it was a great collaborative process and a fun campaign to have been part of.”

The latest campaign comprises of two spots: “Market” and “Punk”, both feature Seymour the CG Ostridge created by MPC and boast lovely animation and colour work with a streak of gentle humour.

“Market” depicts the flightless bird as it saunters through a quirky Parisienne market. Seymour stares deeply into the eyes of a for-sale portrait painting, before bumping into an antique harp.

“Punk” shows Seymour observing mohawk-sporting rockers in a Camden museum. Inspired by the defiance of London’s punk scene, the ostrich throws caution to the wind and steps over a “please do not cross” line on the floor.

Director of Colour Grading Jean-Clément Soret said:

“The grade was setup on background plates with director Patrick Daughters at MPC London with Engine to give a direction, the main brief was a natural and realistic and inviting image. As VFX and the CG ostrich got composited in the film, the grade was refined in close collaboration with the VFX team, integration of the CG ostrich was key while taking on board clients and agency feedback.”