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MPC Brings To Life New O2 Mascot in Emotional Campaign Created By VCCP

MPC has partnered with O2 and VCCP to launch a national advertising campaign highlighting O2’s position as the UK’s No.1 Network and its focus on customer service.

This new positioning is a return to O2’s roots; a brand and business that’s obsessed with putting customers’ first, building on its industry leading levels of customer loyalty through a completely new creative direction with the introduction of Bubl; a loyal, blue, bubble-making, robot, brought to life by MPC London and Bangalore teams led by Dafydd Upsdell, Anthony Bloor and David Bryan with colour grade by Jean-Clément Soret.

The team at MPC were tasked to create Bubl’s personality and expression without facial expressivity to enable the audience to understand Bubl’s charming character and near human emotions by watching body performance mime and eye and bubble expressions range. To increase awareness that Bubl is always by your side MPC worked with VCCP and O2 to create a branded TikTok dance challenge

Anthony Bloor, Creative Director at MPC comments: “We worked with VCCP and a famous TikTok creator to choreograph a 15 second dance duet in one week. To launch the campaign the dance will be projected onto a well-known landmark.”

The challenge sees TikTokers driven to a branded #O2BublDance page, users will click on duet mode to dance with Bubl side by side and share their duet video with the hashtag to enter the competition to win a new handset on O2.

Gianluca Fratellini, Animation Supervisor, talks about bringing Bubl’s personality to life through animation:

“We needed to create empathy with our live action characters… we focused on Bubl’s body language and in particular eye movement. We integrated the MPC cinematic and advertising experience so that it was obvious to understand when Bubl is sad, excited, thinking and working hard. We also created a mechanic where Bubl created O2 bubbles every time they helped someone.”

Bubl was developed by MPC to lead the fully integrated advertising campaign centred on a network story, shining a light on the fact that being connected to each other and the things we love has never been more essential in people’s lives. The campaign creates connections on an emotional level and is accompanied by Joy Crookes version of the You and Me song.

Anthony Bloor, said:

“We felt really privileged to work yet again with Gary Freedman, O2 and VCCP to create such an endearing, empathetic character and to see it come to life on TV, billboards and digitally.”

David Bryan, Animation Director at MPC adds:

“The personality of Bubl really came down to Gary Freedman, as a director experienced in comedy, his main focus was to give Bubl a brain as well as making him cute and funny. We worked with Gary to create a character with real empathy and by using Bubl’s antenna as a tool to help express what Bubl is thinking and feeling.”

The campaign will also feature innovative OOH formats such as 3D special builds in locations such as Birmingham, London’s Westfield White City and Manchester’s Northern Quarter, which will see the largest special build of all featuring a five-metre high Bubl.

The 60 second and 30 second TV spots with VFX by MPC tells the stories of people who rely on the network in big and small ways. It begins with a scene in a park showing two young adults trying to meet for the first time. The film follows the story of other protagonists and their need for connectivity – from needing directions when they’re lost, to calling a cab when they missed the last train. The story also touches on the importance of the network for small businesses. Throughout the stories, Bubl is always there, one step ahead, actively helping get people back on their way and demonstrating the value and benefits of mobile connectivity.

MPC’s teams used VFX simulation to create the rain scene, where Bubl’s emotion changes from excitement to sadness. Gianluca comments:

“The challenge was not only to create a realistic splash moment and drip onto Bubl’s surface, but also to feel the frustration of a little metal character which doesn’t like being wet and being rusty.”

Andy Steel, VFX Supervisor at MPC talks about working remotely throughout the project:

“We recorded all our meetings with Gary Freedman and VCCP and showed the films to the whole animation team working on the project, it was great to be able to filter feedback through this way – something which we would not have done six months ago.”