MPC and JWT Tokyo team up on stunning Lux campaign

The spot for LUX directed by Pierre Michel-Estival, is a real visual treat. The viewer is transported to a dreamy floral vista where an elegant goddess emerges from a beautiful pink Lux flower. To bring the spot to life, VFX was completed by artists from MPC studios around the globe, with grade by MPC’s Matthieu Toullet and Nikola Stefanović.

MPC’s VFX Supervisor, Barry Greaves said, “Throughout the production, we collabo- rated closely with both LA and Bangalore studios, focusing on hundreds of small details to give the floral paradise that you see brought to life on screen. From the vibrancy and colors of the flowers in the wide shots to the extremely granular details of the transparency and behavior of the petals in the wind, we couldn’t be happier with the end result.”

LUX client and JWT Tokyo were equally happy with the final picture. As said by EP of JWT Tokyo, Tomo Sueda, “The final spot was beyond our expectations!”