FischerspoonerButterscotch Goddam

Carlo van de Roer and MPC team up to create a captivating music video for Fischerspooner, utilizing new technology developed by Satellite Lab.

The video for ‘Butterscotch Goddam’ by Fischerspooner and produced by R.E.M’s Michael Stipe is a visually mesmerizing four-minute music experience.

Directed by Carlo van de Roer, the video utilizes new capture technology — DynamicLight — which combines moving light with high-speed imaging, giving filmmakers control over the representation of time and space. The MPC VFX team was then able to manipulate the footage to produce the hypnotizing music video.

Alvin Cruz, Creative Director at MPC, said: “From the moment Carlo showed us the new platelight technology, we were hooked and excited to dive in and explore its capabilities. Our 2D team then applied VFX techniques to refine the already beautiful footage.”

MPC’s Daniel Silverman color graded the piece, further adding to the unique visual language of this striking video.

Daniel said: “When I first saw the footage, I immediately thought about the opposing lighting setups and color temperatures; it was very exciting to think of jumping between the two worlds of color and temperature and making them all feel like they belonged together.  We didn’t feel restricted by how high or low in contrast we would go; it was more about the emotion of the light and movement.”

The result is a visually stunning film using innovative technology for a song that is sure to be a hit.