Mark Gethin works with MJZ’s Rupert Sanders on Chevrolet’s ‘Tailgates’ campaign

To showcase the new Silverado model, Chevrolet partnered with Commonwealth/McCann and MJZ’s Rupert Sanders on a film that takes the viewer on a nostalgic journey through different generations.

“Tailgates” shows the evolution of the Silverado by starting with its classics, and how previous owners closed their tailgates by hand. The film progresses to modern day where the owner no longer needs to slam the door shut – the tailgate closes with the press of a button.

MPC’s Mark Gethin graded the film, enhancing the different eras and remaining authentic to the visual style of each time period throughout.

As the film took people through the ages, Mark pulled specific references for each year, and worked closely with Rupert and the DP Jess Hall, who also sent references.

References from each era going back to the 20s were pulled, to get a comprehensive idea of the mood of each year. The team also played around with a lot of old film LUTs, messing around with the image to make the reds bleed to make it feel like an old image – one was Kodak’s “Ektachrome”, one had a hand-painted style, and one was a technicolor look from the 50s.

Mark took home an award for Color Grading at the 2019 AICP Awards for his work on “Tailgates”.