Our Artist-In-Residence programme was created so that our artists from across the different studios had the chance to work with the MPC team in our Bangalore studio. Since then, a number of artists from the LA studio have spent some invaluable time there, working with the artists and immersing themselves in the incredible culture.

Recently, our LA Producer Ciaran Birks, NY Deputy Head of 2D David Piombino and NY Junior Nuke Compositor Giulia Bartra embarked on the trip to spend some time in the studio.

Ciaran, who spent six weeks in Bangalore, received a warm welcome from the studio: “I feel like I’m already becoming part of the family here. It’s been great to see how this site works and I’m certain that really getting to know the people I’ve worked with for so long will have a very positive impact on how I communicate with the team here.”

Giulia spent four weeks in the studio and also felt instantly welcomed by the team. “Being here with the Bangalore team has been such a fun, eye opening, and amazing experience. There are friendships and memories I’ve made here that I know will last a life time.”

In addition to the warm welcome, the group also gained valuable insight into the ways of working at the studio. David, who also spent two weeks in the studio, said, “I was very impressed with the studio overall and we worked on ways to improve collaboration across our different offices. We forged great working relationships with the team in Bangalore and will continue to build on that as we work together in the future.”

Giulia added, “I’ve learned so much about how the Bangalore studio operates and communicate with other studios, as well as the incredible talents that are here. I’m excited to work with the Bangalore team back in the New York studio, using the information that I learned on my trip.”

There was also a lot of well-earned down-time to explore the city and surrounding areas. Ciaran said, “I’ve explored the area around Whitefield and went to hang out on Brigade road, which is the night hotspot for everyone going out on the weekends. I’ve also been motorcycling with some of the guys in the office.”

“We were welcomed with open arms and it truly feels like a home away from home. I cannot thank everyone enough. I’m grateful for the friends I’ve made and for the time and trust I feel that the team has put in me here,” concluded Giulia.