Carsten Keller, Creative Director, and Silvia Bartoli, Concept Artist, join creative studios, Smoke & Mirrors, Framestore, Unit, Blacksmith and Platige Image, to discuss how lockdown is shaping the future of VFX in unexpected ways.

Watch the panel discussion here.

It’s an exciting time to be in the world of VFX. Always at the forefront of creative developments in tech, from the digital revolution right up to mixed reality. And even without Covid-19 to contend with, 2020 is packed with disruptive opportunities. The upcoming Unreal 5 engine is set to allow higher resolution real time interactive than ever; VFX companies are pioneering use of AI deep-fake technology; innovative new production techniques, such as shooting live action against LED screens projecting CG backdrops rather than greenscreen, as seen in recent Disney+ hit The Mandalorian, are putting VFX upfront in the production pipeline.

But COVID-19 has also forced the entire industry into a high-speed handbrake turn, as companies have had to hit the accelerator in unexpected areas. There’s remote working, virtual production and many clients shifting to fully-CG projects for the very first time.

First published on LBB.