With this year’s summer of sport in full swing, check out our deep dive into sports advertising as we share our Tokyo 2020 work for Samsung, Anta, France TV and Michelob.


Samsung ‘Proud Sponsor of the World Coming Together’

As we gear up for a summer of sports, the community and US turned to us to partner on an epic cinematic journey, featuring people brought together over great distance by Samsung, giving them the experience of being at events together without being there.

We crafted the stunning VFX visuals including the stadiums and sailboat scenes. For our sporting moments in the stadiums, we created CG crowds and environments that help fully immerse the viewer into the experience.

Michelob Ultra ‘Canada’
We worked with Deutsch NY to provide post-production and a CG cheetah on Michelob’s Olympics spot. Some call world recorder holder, Usain Bolt, the greatest sprinter of all time, but what’s his secret to greatness?​

France Television ‘Sumo’

Mikros MPC takes you on a whole new journey to Japan in a Olympic ident. Working in close collaboration with Stéphane Levallois, character designer on the project, and the agency, the team at Mikros MPC were involved from the art direction, direction and final delivery of the film, serving as a one-stop-shop creative house to bring to life this 2D animation film featuring a sumotori as the central character. ‘Sumo’ is the first film for which the team at Mikros MPC had to develop a film inspired by Japanese prints.

Anta ‘Olympic Games Tokyo 2020’

MPC Shanghai partnered with BBDO Shanghai, renowned director Zou Fei and production company Gwantsi to provide vfx and colour grade on a 3-minute epic film that features several members of China’s team hopeful to strike Gold in the delayed 2020 Tokyo Olympics. Creativity we worked on 170 shots in a short period of time, our vfx artists crafted the CG punching bags, CG crowd duplication and the opening CG Anta dragon suit.

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