As part of our Staying Inspired campaign we spoke with our London Colourist Peter Oppersdorff on how Korean films, photography and chilli sauces are keeping him inspired during lockdown.

Since lockdown, I’ve been investing a lot of time reconnecting with my love of cinema and catching up on some pop culture. I’ve been delving into the back catalogues of true auteurs like Andrei Tarkovsky and Gus Van Sant and trying to work my way through my list of Korean films. ‘The Handmaiden’ is genuinely as good a film as you’ll have seen over the last five years, so check it out! ‘Sex Education’ is a TV show I made a point of binge watching recently because that’s got a very strong retro look which is bound to get referenced and ‘Devs’ by Alex Garland was simply great.

At weekends I’ve been indulging in my passion for making chilli sauces, creating recipes and developing my brand Sacred Chilli, having just added the final touches to my 3rd creation – ‘The Precious’.

Chilli sauce is going through a kind of renaissance, much like craft beer did five years ago. There is a huge appetite for new kinds of sauces at present and this has opened the door to a some really inspired flavour combinations, technical processes and branding. This weekend I handmade 210 bottles of fermented hot sauce in one day! The next one on my guinea pig list is a Blueberry and Chipotle BBQ sauce and for that I need to build a smoker, which is on my DIY to-do list for the summer months.

Besides that, I’ve been going through my photography library and grading a few selects to put up around the house whilst I re-decorate. It’s made me yearn to be out in the beautiful country side with my camera again.