Moving Picture Company is Ad Age Creativity Awards 2021 VFX Company of the Year

Whether recreating an ice storm for Burberry, transforming Daniel Kaluuya into CGI for Xbox or putting a robot on ice skates for O2, MPC’s spectacular visual effects helped advertisers entertain audiences throughout a difficult year.

For Burberry’s holiday campaign directed by Megaforce, MPC seamlessly wove giant ice rocks into a dance routine. It used AI technology to generate automatic rotoscopes for the dancers and main objects in the shot. Dancers performed within numerous layers of CG ice, with MPC’s deep compositing pivotal to achieving the film’s high level of complexity and integration.

For Xbox’s Series X launch campaign and director Ian Pons Jewell, the challenge was to recreate Kaluuya realistically as a digital human as he falls into a dream world. Meanwhile, the O2 shoot involved building an entire ice rink and then using drones to capture the site from multiple angles. Then, it recreated and matched the film in CGI.

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First published in Ad Age