On Friday 11 October, Concept & Digital Matte Painter Artist (2D) Charles Downman will be leading a workshop titled ‘Rough Sketch to Final Shot’ at Digital Design Days, a 3-day event that gathers thousands of the world’s best professionals with the brightest creativity minds in the industry.

The workshop will cover the process from initial concept sketch to final delivery, and will run through various techniques and shortcuts that will help speed up the stages of production in a fast and efficient manner.

The first half of the workshop will be the participants gaining knowledge of how to effectively sketch out and photobash a concept together using both 2D and 3D assets. They will then go through the process of utilising these assets and grading them for integration into the final matte painting. By the end of the workshop the participants will have gained an understanding of delivering conceptual illustration.

For more information, and to book yourself a space, click here.