Demna Gvasalia’s tribe of night-time people strike again, this time for the brands Summer ’21 Pre-Collection’ video. Directed by Walter Stern and set to BFRND’s cover of Corey Hart’s “Sunglasses at Night,” the music style runway video sees Gvasalia’s models captured as if heading somewhere with a purposeful step. MPC created transitions morphing the models into her, him, them. The 10-minute fashion epic, directed by Walter Stern, has been described as “A Visceral, Vicarious Vision of Modern Glamour” by Vogue.

Sarah Mower, Editor at Vogue says: “We see the models walk along the Rue de Rivoli, past the Tuileries gardens, embodying exactly the inimitable cool of the type of people who turn heads after dark on the streets of Paris. We clock them, we check out their clothes, how they’ve put them together, each to their own. They feel real – playing out against the backdrop of a Paris we’d all love to be part of again.”

The team at MPC worked with Academy Films to bring to life the intriguing film, inspired by Walter Stern iconic video for The Verve’s Bitter Sweet Symphony. Dan Lorenzini, VFX Supervisor said: “We designed a transitional morph effect to get us from one model to another, along with a natural feeling camera shake effect to bridge the gap between cuts. Delivering a 10-minute film, in record time really is a testament to the team spirit and dedication of the people at MPC.”

Matthieu Toullet, Colourist at MPC said: “It was an absolute honor to be part of this project directed by the iconic Walter Stern with a nod to the famous “Bitter Sweet Symphony”. A massive thank you to director of photography Mauro Chiarello who brought me these fantastic shots lit with the very special tungsten Paris lights by night which gave me a lot of scope to work with.”

Previous innovation outings for MPC and Balenciaga include Winter 20 Balenciaga’s Paris Cinematic Fashion Week Show.

First Published in LBB.

Client: Balenciaga
Director: Walter Stern
Director of Photography: Mauro Chiarello
Production Company: Academy Films
Cover Music: BFRND
Original Music: Corey Hart
Shoot Supervisor: Anthony Jarvis
Editor: Russell Icke (Whitehouse Post)
VFX and colour grade: MPC
Executive Producer: Leianna Campbell
Producer: Mireille Antoine
VFX Supervisors: Dan Lorenzini, Mark Stannard, Fraser Cleland, Anthony Jarvis, Guy Lubin, Igor Gama, Amy Smith, Kamen Markov
Creative Director: Alex Lovejoy
Colourist: Matthieu Toullet
Project delivery / editorial: Maruf Khan, Danyal Kadir Memet, Karl Pasamonte, Davide Metti, Kerri Aungle, Anthony Louca & Yoomin Lee
MPC Bangalore team:
Line Producer: Chanakya Chander
2D Supervisor: Siju Murugan
Clean-up Lead: Ragesh Ramachandran
Clean-up Artists: Amresh Kumar, Anand Swain, Jayakumar R, Sreejimol C.P, Suresh Pitchuka, Vipin Tripathi