Our London, NY and LA teams have united to bring you Engage to Change. A new podcast that shares information on how to create change in the industry and provides guidance on how to progress careers for those under-represented in the creative industries

Tune into Episode 1 of Engage to Change, where host Amanda Libotte speaks to CDDP Executive Director, Tamika Lamison, EICOP Founder, Stacy Milner and Pipelines Director of Operations, Shari Holly. This episode explores ways in which organisations provide access and education to people of colour, specifically the black community in the commercial industry.

Listen below:

Engage to Change is hosted Amanda Libotte, Head of Operations in New York studio, produced by Dylan Givens, Operations Co-ordinator and Sarah Clarry Head of Operations in Los Angeles and edited by Zoe Izzard in London.

“It was an honour to speak with the leaders from CDDP, EICOP and Pipelines. Their work with under-represented communities in the creative industries, is simultaneously effective and inspiring. This short podcast is a condensed version of some of the highlights of our discussions. Our LA & NY teams are looking forward to bringing further speakers to share their work and visions with the MPC community.”- Amanda

Great speakers, great content & incredibly valuable for the team.” – Todd Davidovich, MPC COO

“Great energy from those ladies- very inspiring!” – Monique Gonzales, Controller, MPC LA

“Really really well done… incredibly inspiring and relevant.” – Robert Owens, Managing Director, MPC LA

Stay tuned for the next episode.

To get in touch with our team about the podcast, contact press@moving-picture.com.