During the month of October, millions of people post their drawings on social media using the hashtag #Inktober- a month-long challenge where artists post one ink-drawn drawing a day.

This year a group of MPC artists from across our global studios have taken part and posted their drawings online.

To be involved in Inktober, these were the steps they had to follow: make an ink drawing and post on your favourite social media channel daily come October 1st with the hashtag of #inktober and #inktober2019. There are also a series of prompts that can be followed, for example on the 12th of October the prompt was ‘dragon’.

With Inktober now finished for another year, let’s look back at some of our artists amazing drawings from the past month.

Simon Burke – CG Supervisor

“I decided I’d give Inktober a go this year as I don’t really draw much anymore – and it’s something I miss. Working in CG, it’s easy to become wrapped up in the technicalities of the process. Putting pen to paper is a nice antidote, it always feels like getting back to basics – I just need to do it more!”

Click here to view Simon’s other drawings on his Instagram.

Charles Downman – DMP/Concept Artist

Click here to view Charles’ other drawings on his Instagram.

Roger Hom – Senior Concept Artist

“Being limited by no undo’s is appealing and nostalgic in a world mediated by the simultaneous disposable quality and infinite expressive potential of digital art. I started this year with traditional tools and then recently began using Infinite Painter in its special “Inktober” mode that blocks any undo’s. It’s an interesting exercise to use all the tools offered in a digital palette, yet embrace all mistakes.”

Click here to view Roger’s other drawings on his Instagram.

Eleonora Donofrio – CG Artist

“I didn’t draw for a long time and Inktober was a good excuse to push myself and challenge my habits. Only quick sketches, no cntrl-Z, no overthinking, just inking. I wanted to use my style to give another point of view of Zelda, one of my favourite videogames saga.”

Click here to view Eleonora’s other drawings on her Instagram.

Silvia Bartoli – Concept Artist

Roberto Maki – Senior Lighting Artist

“I usually do sketches while waiting for my frames to render, so Inktober is a nice excuse to put aside my iPad and try to use real paper and ink. It feels good to go back to the basics from time to time.”

Click here to view Roberto’s other drawings on his Instagram.

Take a look at our instagram to see some of the drawings that our other artists created.