Earlier this month, the teams of Mikros and Technicolor invited their customers and partners to the private art exhibition, ‘ORDINARY LANDSCAPES’, at the headquarters, Renard, which gave the opportunity to discover the new offices at the very center of Paris.

Renard is intrinsically a creative house where the creativity of hundreds of people is expressed every day to bring vision and creative intent to life through images, and where ideas and innovation are sourced. This exhibition illustrates the group’s strong impetus to open the building to other artists and new artistic influences.

‘Ordinary Landscapes’ is the group’s first collaboration with Guillaume Hebert and is built upon the combination of two hybrid photography series – ‘Updated Landscape’ and ‘Beyond The Ordinary’. ‘Updated Landscape’ redefine the way environments are perceived, displaying a discrepancy between the vision of a yesteryear painter and a contemporary photographer. ‘Beyond the Ordinary’ is the continuation of the previous series that illustrates with humor and irony how contemporary societies have extricate themselves from natural environments.

The artistic approach of Hebert immediately resonated with the artists of Mikros. We create stories through moving images. Hebert’s work relies on observation, outdoor shooting, compositing, reframing, in-depth study of lights and colors, grading all to blur the photography and painting to create a realistic feeling.

Unlike a traditional exhibition where visitors stay away from the works and where the walls are the only means of expression, ‘Ordinary Landscapes’ has been imagined by Mikros teams as an immersive experience. Upon Hebert’s approval to play with his work, the team at Mikros developed an interactive video mapping of his art on the glass structure on the rooftop of the building.

Guillaume Hebert has commented on his collaboration with Mikros:

“Ordinary Landscapes is my first collaboration with a company. I’ve been introduced to Mikros by Delphine Rodet, Executive Producer at Mikros MPC who I first met at the 2018 Festival ‘Circulation(s)’ in Paris as part of the artistic board and then by Julien Vallet, Brand Manager at Mikros group, whose mind openness convinced me to trust the team. I felt that our differences would enrich my point of view. […] On the opening day of the exhibition, it was marvelous to discover how they reinterpreted my work and it pushed further my imagination. This was a rewarding adventure!”

Guillaume Hebert, also named Guillelmus Paulus Julianus, is a French visual artist who focuses on photography. Born in 1969 in Normandy, France, he graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Caen (DNSEP: National Superior Diploma of Plastic Arts). He engaged in art and particularly in photography when he moved to Taiwan in 2012, where he stayed for 6 years while regularly travelling to mainland China. He currently collaborates with a Shanghai-based art gallery: M Art Center, and participates in many festivals and art fairs. After his pilgrimage, he returned to Europe and settled in Berlin for one year. Back in France, he currently lives and works in Avignon, the Papal city.

In 2018, he participated to the festival Circulation(s) and presented his artistry at the Paris 104 gallery and was awarded the People’s Choice Award for Updated Landscape.