Since the inception of Mikros in 1985, the Paris studio has built its foundation upon the principle of creative collaboration and partnership. From day one, Mikros had an ambition to combine artistry and technology to evolve the creative industry and provide French artists a new means of expression. The experiment evolved rapidly into cutting-edge digital art which was instantly recognized by brands, agencies and directors who wished to seize upon the new opportunity and storytelling medium and make their visions a reality.

Today we celebrate 35 years of craft and storytelling intrinsically rooted in the DNA of the Parisian studio. The history of Mikros MPC is populated by individuals who are committed to bring any idea to life, irrespective of the size of the challenge, even beyond expectations. From day one, Mikros MPC infused every project with the studio’s culture and values which remain grounded in creative excellence. Since 2017, Mikros has developed a bond with a broader worldwide community of artists and the unique capabilities, technology and resources of the MPC group to continue its mission of creating hand-crafted films which deliver long-lasting emotional connections.

At 35 years young, Mikros MPC celebrates the body of work it has created, the unique craft it has demonstrated and the technologies it has built. Since 1985, Mikros MPC is proud of the thousands of commercials, music videos, TV programs, films and experiential content it has shaped with its unique identity and the 300 times it has been short-listed or awarded by industry organizations and peers.

Above all, on the 35th anniversary, Mikros MPC would like to thank and celebrate the long-standing relationships and friendships it has built with directors, partners, brands and colleagues who have inspired them to push the boundaries of artistry and design advanced technology which enable such a vast array of creative visions to come to life.

2020 Mikros MPC Awards

To share the celebration with everyone, Mikros MPC has challenged their artists to reimagine some of their past work as film posters, published on Instagram and Facebook. Come visit the pages to get to know more about the track record of Mikros MPC through the eyes of today’s talents.