With artists, projects, stories, and studios that span the globe, the creative spirit of MPC truly sees no bounds. There’s no denying the power of immersing yourself in a culture, city, or continent unlike your own, which is why we’re thrilled to introduce our new Artist-in-Residence program!

Eager to empower creatives to tap into MPC’s global network and expand their imaginative skillset, our Artist-in-Residence program gives MPC’s VFX talent from across the world an opportunity to experience the rich cultural diversity of living and working with the MPC team in Bangalore, India.

The first MPC creative to take part in this exciting new program is Senior Flame Artist, Andre Arevalo. Hailing from our Los Angeles studio, Andre has lent his incredible VFX skills to numerous MPC projects that include the likes of spots for Samsung, Apple, and Vanity Fair.

The Artist-in-Residence program works to give MPC artists an experience that goes beyond gathering and soaking in inspiration. Whether it’s differences in the production process or the ways in which various teams communicate, there’s so much to learn when it comes to working and living in a space unlike your own. Well into his time in Bangalore, Andre has already gleaned some powerful insights that will stay with him long after his return home.

“I think seeing the challenges that the Bangalore site encounters will modify the way I work and communicate for future projects. I have noticed the jobs that do encounter problems could have been addressed with a simple adjustment in communication.”

For Andre, the experience has been a breeding ground for creative growth, and we can’t wait to see what projects, insights, and endeavors come to life both during and after his time abroad.

“It’s been an amazing experience both for my work experience and life experience. India has such a rich and vibrant culture that during my time off it’s been so much fun exploring the countryside and seeing the different sites. There have definitely been some learning lessons along the way considering how different the North American culture is to the Indian culture but for me personally, it’s been a positive experience!”

Stay tuned for more updates from our Artist-in-Residence program!