We are delighted to host a virtual panel featuring world renowned DP’s and MPC leaders.


In the old days, the key person in charge of executing a director’s look & feel on screen was the DP; more and more now, that role is shared with the head of the Visual Effects department. A strong partnership between the DP and VFX Supervisor is integral in generating immersive images for a project. As these two departments become further intertwined, it’s helpful to examine the process of telling stories visually from both the VFX Supervisor’s and DP’s perspectives, and build on our understanding of this working relationship.

Jacki Moonves – DP, Panel moderator
Greg Gardiner – DP on Kirby Jenner
Alex Disenhof – DP on Watchmen, Legion
Rob Hodgson – MPC Creative Director
Olly Caiden – MPC Co-Head of Nuke
Jessie Amadio – MPC VFX Supervisor

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