To celebrate Women’s History Month, we’re championing our incredible women across our global studios who we admire on a daily basis. Throughout March we will be sharing their personal stories, inspirations and career challenges. Next up is our London Designer, Daphne Westelynck, originally born in Lille, France, now working in our Soho, London studio.

Daphne joined MPC in April 2019, after completing a degree in Art and Textiles and studying CG at Supinfocom in France. Daphne is the talent behind our wonderful Women’s History Month logo and has collaborated with brands including Spotify ‘Playlist of The Decade’, Postmates ‘When All You Can Burgers Is Think About’, Lynx Africa ’25th Anniversary’, ASOS ‘One Hundred’ and Ed Sheeran’s award-winning music video ‘Cross Me’.

Can you share your story with us – where did you get your start? How did you get to where you are today and what has your journey been like as a woman in both work and life? 

When I was younger, I always dreamt of being a fashion designer or architect. I’ve always had a passion for art and design and completed University with a degree in art and textiles.

After my studies, I decided I wanted to work in animated movies, so I began studying CG at Supinfocom in France. Here I began learning how to make movies, from conception to realisation and a few years later I completed a digital film making degree. And now, here I am, working for one of the biggest companies in the industry.

I am lucky that during my time in the industry and at MPC, I’ve never really experienced issues related to my gender and I have now found a balance between my work and life.

How has your industry changed culturally since you started your career? What support / knowledge / collaboration within the industry would help to make positive change?

I have not been in the industry a very long time, but I already feel that each year more efforts are being made to support everyone, female or male. I really love that MPC hosts many events, talks and activities to help everyone feel inclusive.

The theme of this month is ‘Women in Leadership’ what women in leadership inspires you? And who in your life are you being inspirational for?

Everyone gets inspiration from somewhere. I don’t really have one person who inspires me particularly but many: family, partner, colleagues, friends. In this society, we can all teach and learn something from one another. The best is to share experiences and knowledge.

If you could go back, what one piece of advice would you give to your younger self?

Just to believe in myself and to trust my feelings, whatever happens it’s happening for a reason.

What challenges do you see for equality in society today? 

I think everyone should be equally respected and considered as a human whatever the gender, job, ethnicity, age, sexual orientation!

Describe the 3 characteristics about yourself that you believe led to your success in business.

Daring / tenacious / open-minded.

How does your work positively impact women of [your city] and/or women of the world?

I feel that I am still fairly junior, so my work hasn’t made a real positive impact (yet!), I hope that I inspire the people I meet (female or male) and make them believe in themselves and to not give up.

Can you tell us about previous projects you’ve worked on and link to your work?

My favourite project that I worked on at MPC was Ed Sheeran’s ‘Cross Me’ music video.

It was very challenging we had 2/3 weeks to make the whole videoclip in CG, the entire team was amazing, and it was so good to see everyone support each other.

What woman has positively impacted/inspired you in your career, and what’s one lesson she taught you?

My sister has always been an example to me in my daily life. She taught me to never give up which is very important in this society.

What’s something interesting you’re currently working on? Personal or professional.

As a side project, I am currently working on some digital moving painting’s, I have also an appetite for fashion that I love to develop on the side.