Meet the people behind our award-winning work across the globe. Up next is our talented CG Artist from the Bangalore studio, Shiny Rajan.

Shiny began her career in CG in 2010, working as a 2D animator and animation trainer before joining MPC as a CG animator. At MPC Bangalore Shiny has worked on many character animations including O2’s new brand mascot ‘Bubl’, JEEP’s cheeky songbird, Arm & Hammer’s cat cowboys and Xbox’s Daniel Kaluuya. She continues to build on her impressive portfolio of work and is currently working on a top-secret project as an animation show lead.

Read Shiny’s Inside MPC interview below

What drew you to work at MPC?

The quality and quantity of projects that MPC produce was something I always wanted to be a part of. With a huge range of work and great exposure to high-profile clients, working at MPC makes you grow into a better artist.

How did you first get into the world of post-production? 

I’ve always been drawn to cartoons. It has always been a passion of mine to be involved in post-production, behind the scenes CG work. I started my career back in 2010, back then we had very few options in post-production, I worked in many small companies as a 2D animator and Animation Trainer and then finally become a CG Animator.

What projects have you worked on?

Some of my very recent projects at MPC are O2 ‘You and Me’, JEEP®  ‘Bird’, Arm & Hammer ‘Once Upon A Time’, and Xbox ‘Series X’ and much more. I’m currently working on a very exciting project as an animation show lead, which is a big phase of my career at MPC.

What have been some of the biggest career influences in your life?

I don’t have to look too far for influence when I am surrounded by inspiring artists and management team at MPC. When I watch the projects I worked for, that itself is an Influence to keep going.

How would you describe your creative process and how do you stay inspired in your work?

I always look back at my past self and realise how far I have come, it is an inspiration alone. Looking at the characters coming to life and connecting with them as a person is how I would describe my creativity.

What would you say makes a good artist and what advice would you give to those entering the industry right now?
Having a passion for what you do will always make you a good artist. All I would say is to find your connection to your work.

Favourite piece of MPC work that you didn’t work on?
There are so many it would be unfair to pick one. But anything that has animals or cartoon characters in them, I’d love to animate it, it’s like going on a date with a movie star. I really liked a very old commercial for Fox’s Biscuits – Vinnie the panda. I would wove to meet him.

Things you’re most proud of (doesn’t have to be work related)?
This time during lockdown I have become particularly good at making tea. I also found time to enjoy food in a whole new level. And of course, most of all I got a chance to virtually connect with so many people from MPC across the globe.

What do you like to do in your spare time, any passion projects or side hobbies?
Depends on my mood, I like binging on true crime or thriller series. I also have a hobby of reading only Nancy Drew books and I love experimenting with cooking food from around the world and hosting lunch or dinner parties.