Welcome Farid Ghanbari, who joins our New York studio as an Art Director and Motion Designer. Farid is a renowned creative in the industry with a strong background as a CG Generalist working on designs, from object, characters and simulations. Born in Iran and now based in Philadelphia, Farid brings an impressive range of skills and has worked on projects including Nike Air Max 270 React, Levi’s Denim, Crocs 2019 Winter’s Shoe and Apple Watch Wristcam.

Read Farid’s Inside MPC interview below and view his impressive portfolio here.

1. How did you feel when you found out you’d be working at MPC?

No doubt that MPC is one the best top-level companies in the industry and each single artist should love be part of it, I am no exception and absolutely I was so excited to join the team.

2. Tell us a little bit about your background! What kind of kid were you and was there any inkling that you’d end up in your current career?

I think “curios” is the best adjective to describe my personality specially when I was a kid. I always loved to discover new things and manipulate them in my way. That might have been the hint that I would become an art director. I enjoy nothing more than tell my stories in a way that I like.

3. What do you love about art directing and motion design?

The most exciting part of art directing are the challenges your faced and the process you created to solve them. Each project comes with a different challenge. I also love the freedom that this field gives me to tell my story through lots of colours, designs, effects, and actions.

4. Can you tell us about previous projects you’ve worked on?

Some of the projects I would love to mention are, Nike Air Max 270 React, Levi’s ‘Denim’, Crocs ‘2019 Winter’s Shoe’, Apple Watch ‘Wristcam’. These are some projects that I did everything from zero to final. I also art directed couple of scientific (medical) animations at 3FX Inc.

5. What were your passions or hobbies growing up?

Lots of different things. Photography has been always one of my hobbies. I have 2 DSLR cameras. whenever I find some free time, I just grab them and take some photos. I play chess and play guitar a lot.

6. We hear you have an impressive social media following, any tips on how to reach a remarkable 150k followers?

I remember three years ago I just started to post some daily works. I really didn’t care if anyone liked them or not. I just did them because I loved it, as one of the results I saw many people followed my daily posts. I think the tip is just do what you love.

7. How would you describe your cultural background and what impact does that have on your outlook?

I come from Iran where people are very friendly and genial. I think this helps a great deal with starting conversations with people quickly and not being shy, especially in new environments.

8. How did you first get into the industry? Was it something that you deliberately tried to get into or was it more accidental?

Good question. Surprisingly, I studied architecture at university. I even worked for three years in that industry after I graduated. I had my first CGI experience in year two of university when I saw one of my friends 2D architectural design to 3D and I found it VERY interesting and mind-blowing. I think that was the start and from then on, I continued doing more 3D architectural animations and visualisations. After three years I shifted completely to CGI industry self-taught.

9. How would you describe your personality?

Perfectionist (which sometimes kills me but overall, I like it because that is what pushes me to do my best on what I do). I am also extroverted, I always try to make some fun and no take the whole life too serious.

10. Looking at the broader industry, what gets you really excited?

It’s no doubt that MPC is one of the top companies in the industry and each artist should be honoured to work at such a future facing company, I am no exception and absolutely I’m so excited to join the team. Inspiration is what makes me excited. In my language, Inspiration means the moment you see a picture or a movie, or you touch an object and immediately you see something beyond what you feel at the first level. One of my greatest sources of inspiration is nature, it always shows me something new. Each season has a different personality with tones of messages about colours, form, textures, and even feelings.

11. Where are you currently based and how have you found the lockdown experience?

Currently I live in Philadelphia, PA. For the first two months I was so happy about lockdown and I thought I am going to have more free time and perhaps more focused on my work. And honestly it was like this. But it did not last more than two months and now I find it very tough, boring, and even not good for my health. I miss my daily routines. Also, there is no line between work and life, and it is mixed together, it makes everything even and gray. I think life is not colourful in lockdown.