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Jaguar A Breed Apart TVC


MPC and Spark 44 team-up to create the stunning photo-real cat for Jaguar's new campaign 'A Breed Apart'

Electric Storm

Popular Choice

The Pack

To see a more visual representation of how the team created this photo-real Jaguar, watch the breakdown below.




Eric Labourier


Spark 44


Chris Palmer

Production Company


Chief Creative Officer, Spark 44

Brian Fraser

Executive Producer, Spark 44

Michael de Vries

Creative Directors, Spark 44

Sean Doyle & Ed Edwards

Stills Creative Direction, Spark 44

Richard Blisset & Lee Aldridge

Content Director, Spark 44

Daniel Drage

Business Director, Spark 44

Jon Busk

Chief Strategy Officer, Spark 44

Carsten Schneider

Global Strategy Officer, Spark 44

Lee McEwan

Account Director, Spark 44

Katy Wright

Account Manager, Spark 44

Gabriella Ghigi

Production Assistant, Spark 44

Slavica Delevic

Producer, Gorgeous

Rupert Smythe


Barry Ackroyd

Edit House

The Quarry

Post Production


3D Supervisor

Fabian Frank

2D Supervisor

Bruno Fukumothi

Creative Director

Carsten Keller

Animation Lead

David Bryan / Chris Welsby

3D Team

Kiril Mirkov , Maximilian Mallmann, , Michael Diprose, Daniel Kmet, Ed Sherwood, Matilde Vinther, Chloe Dawe

2D Team

Alex Snookes, Andrew Roberts




Jean-Clément Soret

Executive Producer

Dafydd Upsdell

VFX Producer

Magda Krimitsou

Production Co-ordinator

Clare Norrish

Music Track

Skepta 'Shutdown'


Antony Genn

Final Mix

James Saunders

Stills Photographer

Gary Bryan

Stills Retouching

Oliver Carver