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Honda Up

MPC partners with Wieden + Kennedy, Colonel Blimp’s Pedro Martín-Calero and award-winning cinematographer Éric Gautier on spectacular new film for Honda, starring champion Brit climber Imogen Horrocks, grade by George K

‘A wise man once said, welcome challenge, and see where it takes you.’
This statement opens Honda’s new global film, directed by Colonel Blimp’s Pedro Martín-Calero. With award-winning cinematographer Éric Gautier at the helm as DP, VFX by our team of artists – and grade by George K – the result is real visual treat.
Imogen Horrocks – a seriously accomplished competition climber on the GB team – is star of the show, and the only visible life in the hot, dusty and indeterminate landscape we find ourselves taken to. She skillfully scales a mountain at death-defying heights, before hauling herself over its summit to discover a new world.
Director Pedro Martín-Calero says: ‘The guys at MPC, headed by Bill McNamara did an incredible job with this Honda film. They pushed creatively with me and never went for the easy option; they only wanted to produce the best work we possibly could.’

Film craft
‘This is a monumental VFX project’, says MPC’s Creative Director (2D) Bill McNamara. ‘It was vital to collaborate with the creative team at Wieden + Kennedy, and Pedro, from the very early stages of production. From pre-viz early deign, to the shoot itself in Romania and Madrid, this was a true creative collaboration from the offset.’
Bill continues: ‘The vision was to create a fantastical and surreal land in this uninhabitable part of the world  – even the texture of the mountainside is a nod to the type of clay used to build the Honda cars. Working with Wieden + Kennedy is always an exciting journey; and it was truly inspiring to partner with a director with such supreme attention to every last creative detail.’

Watch the film now to be inspired – but perhaps don’t try it at home.
You can follow Imogen @ImogenClimbs




Wieden & Kennedy LONDON

Production Company

Colonel Blimp


Pedro Martín-Calero

Director of Photography

Éric Gautier

Agency Producer

Michelle Brough & Samara Zagnoiev

Agency Creatives

Joris Philippart & Jason Scott

Production Company Producer

Dougal Meese

Production Company Exec Producer

Paul Weston



Shoot Supervisor

Bill McNamara


Sophie Hogg

MPC Creative Director

Bill McNamara

Executive Creative Directors

Toni Davidson & Iain Tait

Creative Director

Scott Dungate, Wieden + Kennedy

3D Lead

Mike Little

3D Team

Michael Diprose, James Aston, Alessandro Granella, Matthew Gifford

2D Lead

Iain Murray

2D Team

Rod Norman, Ralph Dubber




George K


Paolo Giandoso


Tito Fernandes


Sacha Szwarc - Speade

Digital Matte Painting

Neil Miller, Gerard Dunleavy, Charles Downman