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French Navy, The Mission

Mikros-MPC partners with Havas and Iconoclast’s Ernest Desumbila on fast-paced new film for the French Navy

'The Mission' takes its viewers straight to the heart of the action, and keeps them on the edge of their seats throughout. Launched as part of a new recruitment campaign that will last over three years – ‘Together we are seamen’ - the ad highlights a central value of the Navy: the spirit of the crew. 






Ernest Desumbila

Production Company




VFX Supervisor

Laurent Creusot

VFX Producer

Christophe Huchet

Shoot Supervisor

Damien Canaméras

VFX Team

Sébastien Mingam, Cécile Cazes, Jonathan Carrier, Nicolas du That Co, Sébastien Buisson, Olivier Jarry, Yann Nicolas, Elliot Tesseraud, Philippe Manuel, Laurent Creusot, Nicolas Huguet, Nicolas Daniel, Pauline Royo