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Audi, The Ring

MPC creates crowd filled stadium for Jonathan Glazer’s cinematic BBH Audi spot

Jonathan Glazer and BBH’s new film for the almighty Audi RS6 focuses on the unexpected power of  a boxing referee, resulting in the tagline “power from a less obvious place.” The epic 60-second film titles ‘The Ring’, is set in a boxing stadium during a big title fight, complete with an excited and frenzied crowd. MPC’s VFX team created a 30,000 strong stadium crowd from 1,000 extras on set.

MPC’s VFX team was led by Kamen Markov, who said “We’re here to solve problems for directors, and in Jonathans case that was creating a believable crowd that would react at the appropriate moments. The credibility of the crowd was key- it needed to be invisible in a sense, and not detract from the fight- but still give enough to every shot to be part of the performance.” 





Production Company



Jonathan Glazer


Simon Pearse & Emmanuel Saint M’Leux

Creative Directors

Matt Doman & Ian Heartfield

Agency Executive Producer

Ruben Mercadal

Production Company Producer

Simon Cooper


Barry Ackroyd


Paul Watts @ The Quarry



VFX Producer

Chris Allen

VFX Shoot Supervisor

Michael Gregory & Kamen Markov

VFX Supervisor

Kamen Markov

VFX Team

Iain Murray, Byron Woofinden, Olly Caiden, Grant White