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Alicia Keys, A Take Away Show

Matthieu Toullet grades Alicia Keys’ intimate ‘ A Take Away Show’ session at Le Comptoir Général for La Blogothèque



Colin Solal Cardo


Christophe ‘Chryde’ Abric

Associate Producer

Matthieu Buchsenschutz

Production Managers

Anousonne Savanchomkeo & Jonathan André

Associate Producer

Matthieu Buchsenschutz


Elodie Tahtane


MPC London - Remote Grading


Matthieu Toullet

TK Assistant

Yves Baronnet

Telecine Producers

Ellora Chowdury, Sophie Lebreton & Quentin Martin

Sound Direction

Jean-Baptiste Aubonnet, François Clos & Etienne Pozzo

Sound Mix

François Clos, Etienne & Felix Pozzo