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adidas, Recode Running

adidas launch 'Recode Running' by Lore and Brand Articulations, with VFX and finishing from MPC

To promote their updated Ultraboost 19, adidas’ latest campaign, created by Lore and Brand Articulations, is a visually dynamic series of stories from around the world, focused on the transformational power of running.

Directed by Daniel Kaufman through Anonymous Content, the ‘chapters’ feature French and Polish runners who recreate a mega-relay from Warsaw to Hel, and the innovative 'Trash Runners' who collect litter as they run through the streets of Shanghai.

MPC Amsterdam worked on the VFX and finishing, adding to the rich mosaic of media layers through comping in some great animations created by Joe Ridout and Cheng-Hsu Chung.



Adidas Running

Creative Agency


Strategic Consultancy

Brand Articulations

EP, Lore

Bethany Papenbrock

EP, Brand Articulations

Darden Longenecker


Daniel Kaufman

Production Company

Anonymous Content x Somesuch


Shion Hayasaka & Tarquin Glass


Tasha Tan

Post Production


VFX Producer

Gwenn Hardouin

2D Supervisor

Ricky Weissman

Motion Design

Kerim Camdzic

Edit House



Fouad Gaber, Vid Price, Ben Elkaim

Sound Designer

Matt Wilcock


Simon Bourne @ Framestore


Joe Ridout & Cheng-Hsu Chung