Fracture IO

  • Agency JWT NY;
  • Created by MPC Digital NY;
  • Client The One Show Awards;

Fracture IO is an installation by MPC that re-invents the photo booth to create generative, 3D animated artwork based on the form of the human body. The piece made its debut in May at The One Show Awards celebration at the Bowery Hotel in New York. MPC was approached by JWT to create an innovative piece for The One Show, and the team relished the opportunity to update a process that’s remained relatively unchanged for the last hundred years.

The first step was looking at utilizing contemporary camera technology to create a new type of image. This was done via experimenting with ubiquitous off-the-shelf camera hardware, the Microsoft Kinect. By using both image and depth data, there was an opportunity to create an instantaneous high-res 3D scan – not just a 2D likeness, but a full 3D model of whomever was in the capture booth. Using a combination of computer vision algorithms originally developed for robotic navigation, the team stitched together the image and depth data from 4 Kinects into a complete, accurate 3D model of whomever or whatever was captured.

Captured geometry was utilized as the basis for dynamically generated artwork. An approach was developed that resulted in imagery that looks very different than the point clouds that have become synonymous with Kinect projects. Models were imported into a custom Unity application on the fly, where splines were animated along the contours of the mesh to define its form. Predefined colour palettes were then applied to crystalline structures set to grow along those splines using same algorithms that govern crystal and organic growth in nature. Additionally, a new rack focus technique was developed to give the camera movements themselves life and depth.

And what’s the fun of a photobooth if you can’t share the images? Each artwork created was posted online with mobile-friendly, shareable unique URLs that allowed visitors to experience it in 3D.

The concept will evolve in new directions as the use of the 3D scanning platform is extended into ongoing R&D projects.


  • Agency JWT NY
  • Created by MPC Digital NY
  • Client The One Show Awards
  • Creative Director David Estis
  • Technical Director Adam Chapman
  • Executive Producer Tim Dillon
  • Managing Director Justin Lane
  • Development Aaron Meyers, Jeff Crouse, Will Adams
  • Design Will Adams, Colin Hess, Tim Regan
  • Modelling Stu Schwartz, Colin Hess
  • AV and Fabrication Partner SenovvA
  • Production Support Claudia Guevara, Alliah Morad, Ariella Amrami, Lindsey Neyman
  • Editing Adam Epstein
  • Camera Sean Mattison, Reginald Emvula

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